The Museum Schnütgen has a valuable collection of medieval art on exhibit in one of Cologne’s oldest churches. Many of them are in and of themselves already worth a trip, such as the radiant Parler Bust, the expressive Crucifix from St. George and the unique so-called Comb of St. Heribert, a filigree ivory carving.

The scope of the collection ranges from wooden and stone sculptures, valuable works of the goldsmith’s art and stained glass to rare ivories and textiles.

A distinctive feature of the museum is its largest exhibition space, which dates back over 1,000 years. The stillness and aura of the Romanesque Church of St. Cecilia and the special proximity to the works make it possible to experience their spiritual vibrancy and beauty.

The museum regularly places key works from all parts of the collection in new contexts within the permanent exhibition. It it thus worth returning again and again, as the collection will always have something new to discover.