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Free admission due to the exhibition set-up of "By Women's Hands"

We grant free admission to the Museum Schnütgen until 22.10.21.
Restrictions are to be expected, especially in the central nave of the church, in connection with the construction of the special exhibition: "By Women's Hands. Medieval Manuscripts from Cologne Collections". The exhibition will be on view from 26.10.2021 until 30.01.2022.


Admission regulations for your personal safety

In accordance with the regulations on corona protection issued by the state of North Rhine-Westphalia on 17 August 2021, the following admission regulations currently apply for your personal safety:
Visiting the museums as well as the museum shop is possible for all interested persons; the general rules of conduct regarding safety distance, hygiene and medical masks (so-called AHA rules) apply.
For the participation in guided tours/events as well as visits to the indoor area of the museum café, the so-called 3-G rule applies in addition to the obligation to wear a mask.
Please show valid proof of this (electronic vaccination card or certified antigen test no more than 48 hours old) at the ticket counter/café.



Good news for annual ticket holders

As a gesture of goodwill in connection with corona-related closures, we are offering all annual ticket holders who purchased their annual tickets in 2019/2020 up to and including 15th June 2021 an extension of validity until 15th June 2022. This will be recognised unbureaucratically at the admission control.


Museum edition of the exhibition catalogue available

The exhibition "Arnt the sculptor of images - Master of animated sculptures" (25.6.-20.9.20) was accompanied by a catalogue in German published by Hirmer Verlag. The extensive and opulent monograph with 200 illustrations in colour contains not only essays and a catalogue of the exhibited works, but also an up-to-date complete index of the preserved works of Meister Arnt. The museum edition of the catalogue is available for 35 € in the Museum Schnütgen museum shop.
In addition, the museum's publishing house has an English language accompanying publication: "Arnt the sculptor of images, Master of animated sculptures. A companion to the exhibition" costs 10 €.

Arnt der Bilderschneider – Meister der beseelten Skulpturen, ed. by Guido de Werd and Moritz Woelk, with essays by Volker Hille, Reinhard Karrenbrock, Marc Peez, Karen Straub, Guido de Werd and Moritz Woelk and photographs by Stephan Kube, Marion Mennicken and others, Munich/Cologne 2020, 252 pages, 200 ill. in colour

Arnt the sculptor of images, Master of animated sculptures. A companion to the exhibition, written by Adam Stead on the basis of the exhibition catalogue, Cologne 2020, 60 pages


The Prophets have returned to the City Hall

Since Friday, July 12, 2019, the eight prophets are yet again standing on the north wall of the Hansa Hall in the historic city hall of Cologne. For conservation reasons, the originals – full-round medieval wooden figures - are exhibited in the Museum Schnütgen since 2012.
At the initiative of Lady Mayor Henriette Reker, replicas have now been made. These were manufactured by the Cologne Company Julius Fröbus GmbH by means of a 3D printing process. According to the latest standards, photographs of the originals were digitally converted into 3D models. The coloured surfaces of the newly made figures were designed by artists to resemble the present appearance of the originals.
Henriette Reker welcomed the "new" prophets together with Dr Moritz Woelk, director of the Museum Schnütgen, to the town hall. With the slogans on their banners, the prophets once again fulfil their function as representatives of moral guidelines for "good governance".


The Survey of the Collection

It is finally here: The new survey of the collection of the Museum Schnütgen offers a compact, chronological overview of the internationally famous, high-quality and multi-faceted collection of the museum. The volume presents 280 works from the various sections of the collection in an attractive manner and with the latest research findings.

Museum Schnütgen – A Survey of the Collection. Ed. by Moritz Woelk and Manuela Beer, Munich 2018,  472 pages, 443 ill. in colour