Franka Hörnschemeyer – Plasterboard Fire Protection

Anticipated: Summer 2023

Intervention in the exhibition spaces of the Museum Schnütgen

The sound installation "plasterboard fire protection" was developed by Franka Hörnschemeyer (* 1958) in 2020 from her artist's book of the same name from 1992. The book is composed of fragmented architectural plans for flats, offices, hospitals and slaughterhouses.
She has developed a text from the labelling on the plans. In the spoken version, a word from the text sounds every 22 seconds. Three sound stations in the very different parts of the Museum Schnütgen make it possible to experience the aesthetics of these spaces in a new way.
In her oeuvre, Franka Hörnschemeyer has been dealing artistically with architectures and places since the early 1990s. In doing so, she makes use of prefabricated and usually already used modular building blocks such as exhibition walls, concrete shuttering forms, concrete fragments or even maps and plans, often made of meagre materials such as plasterboard.
The intervention "Plasterboard Fire Protection" in the Museum Schnütgen offers the opportunity to enter into a conversation with visitors and experts about the particular aesthetic conditions that characterise the museum. Both the artworks and visitors encounter the different exhibition spaces that have been redesigned many times over the years.
How does the architectural form of the spaces with all their details and the materials used – from the floor to the light – affect perception of the artworks and the visitor’s stay? These questions will be explored during the duration of the intervention through a varied supporting programme. In the process, the observations and ideas of the audience will be incorporated into considerations for the future of the museum.

Admission: 6 €, concession: 3.50 € (incl. the permanent exhibition of the Museum Schnütgen)