Franka Hörnschemeyer – Plasterboard Fire Protection

19.10.2023 — 21.01.2024

The audio work Gipskartonfeuerschutz (plasterboard fire protection) was developed by Franka Hörnschemeyer (* 1958) 2020 on the basis of the publication GKF from 1992. The publications consist of fragmented architectural plans for flats, offices, department stores or museums, for example.
From the inscriptions on the plans, the artist has selected functional terms such as "rubbish room", "emergency exit" or "tile mirror", which can be read in a row on the first 17 pages of the publication. In the spoken version, a word from this part of the text sounds every 22 seconds.
Three audio stations in the very different parts of the building of the Museum Schnütgen sharpen the senses for the surroundings and make the exhibition spaces experienceable in a new way. Two unique copies of the publication GKF are also on display, which was published with a total of 150 copies. You can leaf through an exemplary issue at a media station.

In her oeuvre, Franka Hörnschemeyer has been dealing artistically with architecture and places since the early 1990s. Her artworks range from smaller objects to constructions that fill large spaces. Her theoretical-analytical approach is combined in her works with an intuitive assemblage of sculptural, graphic and acoustic elements. This results in constellations that always have the potential to bring to bear not only an intellectual but also an emotional and sensual force. Some works are specifically conceived for one place only, others - like the audio work Gipskartonfeuerschutz - can unfold their effect in different spaces.
Gipskartonfeuerschutz offers the opportunity to talk about the sensual experience of the audio work in the surroundings of the medieval artworks - after it has been experienced in complete silence - in the form of the supporting programme "Architecture Meditation" on selected dates after the regular museum opening hours.


6 €, concession: 3.50 € (incl. the permanent exhibition of the Museum Schnütgen)