The permanent collection

Museum Schnütgen

The scope of the collection ranges from wooden and stone sculptures, valuable works of the goldsmith’s art and stained glass to rare ivories and textiles.


Shrines and Stones from St. Pantaleon

Intervention at the Museum Schnütgen

31 May 2023 - beginning of the year 2024

As precious loans from St. Pantaleon, one of Cologne’s twelve large Romanesque churches, the museum is showing the two reliquary shrines of Saints Albinus and Maurinus, as well as three fragments of the stone sculptures from the church’s 11th-century west façade.


Franka Hörnschemeyer – Plasterboard Fire Protection

19.10.2023 – 21.01.2024

Three audio stations in the very different parts of the building of the Museum Schnütgen sharpen the senses for the surroundings and make the exhibition spaces experienceable in a new way.


The Printed Book of Hours from 1525 – A New Acquisition in Context

From 6 December onwards




You will find a chronological retrospective of past exhibitions in the archive.

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